Why You Should Use Up Lights for Your Event

It’s easy to overlook lighting when planning for an event, such as weddings or parties. One could even go so far as to brush over it instead of giving it the time and attention it deserves. What’s the big deal anyway?, you may say. We’re glad you asked.

Up lighting is an easy way albeit a costly approach of taking any venue and converting it into a magical space fit for a remarkable event. You can rent these yourself or hire professional lighting services. Watch below how a room can transform from the different colors of up lighting.

Still not convinced about installing up lights for your next event? Here are some benefits of using up lighting that may help make your decision.

Benefits of Up Lighting

Instantly creates an ambiance

Ever been to a party which didn’t quite feel like one? With up lights, you can eliminate the fear of having that happen to your event. Up lights can drench your entire venue in color, creating an instant party vibe. You can go dramatic with deep colors or elegant with softer hues. And all that is achieved just by strategically placing some top-of-the-line lighting equipment.

Brings focus to key areas

Every event has that one (or a few) special areas that require your attention. For weddings, it could be the cake table or the kosha. It can also be the centerpieces for various events. Up lighting can shift the focus and attention of your guests to these important areas. The architectural aspects of a venue (e.g. tall columns, textured walls) can also be highlighted for an amazing effect.

Makes any venue attractive

Have a less-than-attractive venue that saved you some money? Use up lighting to create the illusion of a beautiful room with vivid walls. Up lights can also be used to play down unattractive features of the room by focusing on the better ones.

Flexible color choices

With up lighting, you will not be stuck with one color choice for your entire event. There is flexibility in the selection of colors to be used. This means that you can select the color you think goes best with your decor and theme. Introducing up lights to your event decor also lets you achieve a cohesive look overall.

A Word of Caution

Naturally, up lighting may not have as much of an impact to outdoor events done in broad daylight. Therefore, up lighting is best suited for indoor events or outdoor events held at night. Up lighting can also affect your budget significantly. Hence, consider calling up up lighting companies only when you have set aside enough from your budget for it.

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