Wedding Lighting


Don’t be among those unaware about the real significance of lighting in weddings. Whether it creates a mellow yet elegant ambiance for your wedding ceremony or hypes up the crowd on the dance floor, our light decoration goes along side-by-side with the mood of the room.

Want to make your wedding feel ethereal? Soliman International Music, as part of its work as a holistic entertainment provider, designs and sets up your wedding light decoration. Transform an ordinary ballroom into a magical space, illuminated with lights as well as the hearts of loved ones coming together to celebrate the union of two.

Up Lights for Wedding

We specialize in wedding up lighting service. We will install the most effective and dramatic up lighting for your wedding. Placed next to an outstanding structure or against the walls around the room, lights are projected upwards, thereby adding grandeur to the entire room. Gobos are another impressive lighting fixture that projects a monogram of your choice on to walls. Go for wedding up lighting service, if you want visually stunning wedding event. Wedding up lights will give another-worldly feel to your wedding venue.

Wedding Up Lighting Professionals

Soliman International Music has a team of professional up lighting experts who handles wedding light decoration services. We know how to play up your wedding venue’s strengths and shift the focus off of unappealing spots simply by using light decoration. By working hand-in-hand with your wedding planner, we will aim for a harmony between the wedding decor and wedding lighting to produce a spectacular event for you and your loved ones. Have a look at how up lights can affect your wedding venue:

Let us know if you need splendid wedding up lighting and light decoration. Call us at (240) 447-7687.