How to Throw a Successful Holiday Party for Your Company

The holidays are coming and so is the holiday party your company will be organizing. While it’s easy to simply assign a party planner to handle everything, you’d be surprised at how you can manage without one. This will also allow you to utilize your budget on other things that could make your party the best one, such as party lighting.

To help you with this, here are some tips on throwing a great holiday party for your company.

Planning Tools

When organizing any event, take a leaf out of a bride’s book. Use project management software and spreadsheets to stay organized. Get your organizing team involved and be on the same page by enabling everyone to create and comment on tasks.


In this day and age, a more effective way of sending out invites or announcements is by creating an event page on Facebook or making use of the more professional site, LinkedIn.

Setting a Theme

Sure, a “holiday party” may be a theme in itself. But, is it charming enough to attract attendees? Throwing an “Ugly Sweater Party” can be a humorous take and set a light-hearted tone for the night. Imagine how much of a conversation starter each sweater would be!

The world is a diverse mix of people of all culture and religions, so no, Christmas isn’t the only holiday you can celebrate on December. How about throwing a Christmahanukwanzaa instead? Make sure to follow up with an amazing décor and stay committed to the theme!


Businesses these days have gone on to book more unconventional venues like in bowling alleys, museums and theaters for their fun element. That’s not to say parties in a hotel are not any less appealing; it still remains as a stylish and classy venue for any event.


Want to earn your company more points on diversity? Cater food that isn’t your traditional holiday treats. Have a food menu that includes dishes from all over the globe. You could possibly impress potential clients by showing your appreciation for different cuisines.


Hire professional services for continuous entertainment. A DJ will be able to play holiday music that goes with your theme and have attendees tapping their feet throughout. He will also be able to double as an emcee to keep your party organized and flow smoothly.

The difference between a good party and a great party can sometimes lie in the presence of a dance floor. It’s the one area that some employees can be themselves in. Have a great dance floor with the best sound and lighting, and you instantly create the best ending to a party.

Party Lighting

If your budget covers it, hire professionals to do your holiday party lighting. It’s another element that can really make a party stand out from the rest. From wall gobos displaying seasonal greetings to uplights creating a completely different feel to a venue, lighting can take your corporate holiday party and turn it into a lasting memory. If you’re going for the holiday party of the year, don’t leave this element out!

Giving Back

The holidays are about giving. So take advantage of this season to ask for donations at your party in support of a particular needy family, group or cause. Look for creative ways to seek donations instead of just asking for them.

The objective of a holiday party is to bring your company members together and celebrate whilst creating a good impression on stakeholders. Be sure not to forget to have fun in the midst of planning and holding a party.


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