Best Things About Fall Weddings

Move over, summer weddings. Fall has arrived and, with it, the opportunity to have a picture-perfect wedding. There are so many things that make fall the perfect season to get married in. Read on to find out what they are.

Amazing Pictures

The best thing about fall weddings has to be the natural gorgeous setting the season lends to ceremonies and receptions. Not only do you have a beautiful rustic setting for your wedding, the photos you take on this day turn out splendid. With an abundance of red, orange and gold in the background, you are sure to create memories and the pictures to show for it. This also means that you and your wedding photographer won’t have to rack your brains searching for stunning photo opportunities.

Pro tip: Sadly, a great photo isn’t taken on its own. Hire a wedding photographer you can entrust the beautiful setting to. AV Creation provides you with wedding vendors and among them are wedding photographers.

The Weather

Being the season between summer and winter, fall weddings tend to be neither too hot & humid nor freezing cold. This means that guests will not have to celebrate your union under harsh weather conditions. For the bride, this is a great weather to be donning the heavy wedding gown all day. You perspire a lot less and your makeup also lasts much longer under the mild weather.

Pro tip: If it’s slightly chilly during the time of your wedding, make sure to have blankets or heaters around so your guests are comfortable.

Flexible Colors

You can’t plan for a fall wedding without getting excited about the color schemes. Using the season’s natural colors, you can have an elegant cranberry, a light sage or a muted teal; all of which seamlessly complement autumn and give your wedding an exquisite look. There are also louder hues like pumpkin, sangria and mustard for a vibrant fall wedding.

Pro tip: Even if you want to go for other colors instead of fall's earth tones, go right ahead. The perks of fall being in between summer and winter also allow you to be more flexible with your wedding color choices.

Endless Fall Wedding Ideas

A fall wedding lets you be creative with your wedding planning. From incorporating fallen leaves and branches to the decor to presenting scented soaps in the shape of a leaf as wedding favors, fall weddings can be fun to plan and see it come to life. Other areas you can play around with include your floral arrangement, food menu and wedding invitations. This is one of the reasons why a fall-themed wedding even during other seasons is so popular.

Pro tip: There is a steady stream of creative fall wedding ideas over the net. Perhaps you can come with your own unique one yourself!

Fall Wedding Music

Fall or autumn is one season where indie folk music feels just right in a wedding. Whether you play Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine and/or Bon Iver through the day, this type of music naturally ties all elements of your fall wedding together. Love soothing melodies, glorious harmonies and folk instruments? Fall wedding is definitely for you.

Pro tip: Brainstorm with your wedding DJ carefully to plan what you want to hear in your wedding. Even if he isn’t familiar with a particular genre of music, he will be ready to play for you anything you want on your big day.

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