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PERFECT FATHER-DAUGHTER DANCE SONGS One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is deciding on the music! But for special segments such as the father-daughter dance, it could end up being quite nerve-wrecking. What song perfectly encapsulates me and father’s relationship? If you’ve been looking around for quite some time, chances are you have…
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8 Modern Slow Dance Songs for Weddings

Everything you hear, see, smell, touch and taste on a wedding day is in celebration of the wedding couple. The food you eat will be a carefully thought-out menu that the bride and groom will have agreed on. The colors that fill the place will be harmonious, just like the way the bride and groom plan to…
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Urban Arabic Wedding Traditions

If you aren’t familiar with the Arab culture, it is very likely that attending an Arabic wedding will be an experience you will never forget. The urban Arabic wedding borrows a few Western practices, but still largely remains true to its Arabic wedding traditions. Before we go on, it’s good to understand what an Arabic…
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Best Christmas Remix Songs for Your Party Playlist

Many of us know and love the Christmas season for its festive melodies. Christmas music is therefore a must at your Christmas party. But Bing Crosby singing about White Christmas isn’t going to get your party people up and raving in your Christmas party, is it? Well, not if his voice has been remixed and…
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