Monthly Archives: November 2014

Holiday Party Essentials (Infographic)

Planning to throw a party this holiday? Check out these holiday party planning essentials you can't miss.     If you're throwing a big party, call us to install the best sound and lighting system for you in VA, MD & DC. Take advantage of our DJ and  lighting packages.
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How to Throw a Successful Holiday Party for Your Company

The holidays are coming and so is the holiday party your company will be organizing. While it’s easy to simply assign a party planner to handle everything, you’d be surprised at how you can manage without one. This will also allow you to utilize your budget on other things that could make your party the best…
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Essential Classics to Include in Your Christmas Party Playlist

You know Christmas is here when you hear the classic voices of Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra usher in the holiday season everywhere you go. Christmas just isn’t Christmas until the songs we’ve heard all through our lives are there to officiate it. If you plan to have a cozy Christmas party with your friends,…
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